Tuesday, April 9, 2013

2nd Service at Pattoki!

Thank God for what He is doing in this place. We had over 12,000 people cram into the stadium tonight and tomorrow promises to be more....not sure where they will put them. This is so massive....what an opportunity for evangelism! I wish I was able to upload videos for you this year, but due to Pakistan banning Youtube after the Bengazi event, I have no options. What a privilege to be here and to actually sing tonight for the first time & God was with me. Thank you for praying for that to happen. The song I shared was Jesus Messiah. And as you can see in some of the pics we all wore our kameez, the traditional men's clothes. So many raised their hands, stood to their feet and then prayed outloud to receive Christ, but we are not able to count any longer!

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