Wednesday, December 8, 2010

20 years!.........

Honestly, what can be said about what God has done in us, through us & for us since we began this journey on Thanksgiving Day, 1990!? We just celebrated those 20 years with some of our closest friends & family here in Granbury on November 5. We glorify God for what He has done with a family that isn't even close to perfect, but just said "Yes" 20 years ago; and still saying "Yes". So as Dennis Jernigan wrote in one of our favorite songs, "For all that You've done I will thank You; for all that You're going to do...."

And today, we are answering this question from people the same way we did 20 years ago, "How much longer do you think you will be on the road?" The answer is at least 1 more year! So we haven't learned a better answer yet!

Our family has changed, our physical bodies have changed, our music has changed, our travel has changed, but God and our committment have stayed firm. We will begin our 21st year, ironically, at the church we left 20 years ago; First Baptist in Artesia, NM on January 8, 2011. Nothing like going to where we still call home, to begin another decade of itinerant ministry. And they are without a worship pastor presently...there are days when our physical tiredness says sign us up! But until He writes on our wall, just as he did in 1990, we will stay in our place.

God never fails. He has been faithful & we know He can't stop being faithful; it's His character. And He has blessed us with faithful partners along the way. Thank you for remembering us as we live week by week, year by year as a family on the road. Our comrades, fellow family music evangelist's have slowly been leaving the road, so we are at present, one of the only COTBE music families still full-time in the state of Texas. It is a different day, but we still thank God for the incredible opportunities that await us.

For the present we are HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS! Realizing that this December is precious & will not come again. Brooke is a senior and will be leaving for college next fall. Josh is home for a short period before his schooling resumes. Tammy & I just celebrated 25 years of marriage and a big birthday #!&#$)*(@^$!) A lot to still celebrate & be thankful for. If you are near Dallas/Ft. Worth, come see us! We are actually home!!
Merry Christmas to you all.