Monday, April 8, 2013

1st service in Pattoki!

Receiving the rose lei from a Pakistani pastor.

Scott receiving the rose lei from head of security.

One of the Prayer Warriors leading worship. 
Last night is hard to describe in English....Scott and I sat at breakfast this morning trying to just express to each other what we saw & experienced. And even our cameras can't capture the scene. We arrived after a 2 hour drive in the worst traffic in the world, I promise. People go wherever they want, when they want at whatever speed on whatever kind of transportation they can find; donkey, toyota, foot, bicycle, motorcycle, tractor, bus, rickshaw, 18 wheeler...and it doesn't matter if it's a road or not, they make one or even turn around and go against the traffic. It is truly every man (no woman drivers) for himself!

We arrived in Pattoki and entered through a crowd of over 10,000 people showering us with rose petals. The most humbling thing to to be welcomed in such a way. Scott began to weep as we finally sat down on the platform. Then the pastors from these precious churches honored us with leis made of real rose petals; that was even more humbling, when we really should be the ones honoring them for the persecution they endure on a daily basis. Then they began to sing and shout & even dance on top of each other during the worship, because they are so packed in. Every American Christian should & would be blessed to worship with these brothers and sisters. And some day, you ALL will!

Again asking for your prayers for our health & protection. I could not sing again last night, but that may not be my role this time. After the service two women approached us to pray for them. One was going blind and the other has hepatitis C.

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