Sunday, April 7, 2013

2nd and final night in Youngsonabad, Pakistan

Young musician named Fakhar (or Bobby!) who learned to play the keyboard we purchased last year! They even sang a couple of worship songs in English for us! Forgot I was in Pakistan for a moment!

Last night was humbling for us as people would come up to the stage asking for us to pray for them for all kinds of reasons... sickness, for being crippled; one man carried his daughter up to us since she could not walk. Barren women asking for children...very much like what the Bible teaches us to do! But tonight we had about 7000 who heard the Gospel, many prayed to receive Christ! David Burk led the simple prayer of repentance and they unashamedly stand and pray outloud. My friend Scott Dix also shared his testimony tonight and many were weeping and applauding all throughout this story of God's mercy & reconciliation in his marriage and family. The videos are too long for me to load via the internet and Pakistan limits Youtube for obvious reasons, but also because the electricity here goes off and on constantly and resets the internet every time, so will have to wait til I get a better location or home to upload. Pray for us, me specifically, I tried to sing tonight and of all times for me to have what I think is laryngitis, I croaked like a teenager in puberty...not good. I may not be singing this time, but God's will be done. For tomorrow we will go and visit the Christians whose homes were burned last month here in Lahore.

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