Saturday, March 31, 2012

2nd Service

There were approximately 10,000 people in attendance tonight. You can not see the back of the field from the platform, but every chair was full, people were standing on top of the walls & buildings near the field. And again God did what He planned.  I began singing Jesus Messiah, click here then there were testimonies, preaching and another incredible call to here  At the end, we had a time to pray for the sick. God still heals! click here

Friday, March 30, 2012

First Service

Words are going to fail me as I try to describe our first crusade service. I am going to attach two YouTube links for you to view a couple of videos that will best explain some of what we saw.  After being escorted into the soccer field with guards & a drum processional, we were led on stage where we were all honored with flower leis & hats of honor. Notice the photos. All the precious Pakistani pastors were called up, old & young to place the leis & hats of honor on our heads....very humbling experience.

After at least 4 hours of exuberant worship, click here where most were standing & then sitting on the ground, the call for salvation was given at the end by David Burk.  No idea how many thousands were in attendance & responded, but it was more than I have ever seen, . click here

All this being done with guards on rooftops with rifles keeping watch!

Keep praying for God to protect us & allow us to be used how He wishes.  Tonight we will continue in the same place & go one more night before changing locations.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

In Dubai

The 5 of us have made it to Dubai. Before we left DFW, the other gentlemen's UA flights were cancelled at the last minute & all had to be reticketed on Delta; which is where I was, so we all flew together; so a little bit of last minute panic....typical!
I was told by Nan Graham, a lady from our church, about the new Spirit Rising book by Jim Cymbala. I had been wanting to get this, but just hadn't.  I dowloaded on our Kindle & began to read the first chapter.......the whole chapter is about Pakistan! Coincidence I'm sure.  I will not ruin it for anyone.....just get the book & you will know some more about what God is doing & how to pray for the christian's there & for us. Will try to update later when we arrive in Lahore. THANK YOU FOR KEEPING ON PRAYING!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Preparing for Pakistan

For those of you already praying for me & the other four men on our way to Pakistan.....thank you.  We are preparing to leave this coming Monday, March 26 & will arrive in Lahore, Pakistan on Wednesday the 28.  We all covet your prayers & support for this opportunity to see thousands come to Christ.  I will try to update daily for those following us. This is one of the ad posters the local pastors created for the meetings!